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Horse riding

There isn’t a more beautiful view of the world than from horseback, is there? In the Eagle Mountains and foothills you can confirm this for yourself. The best marked horse trails are found in the area around Lanškroun.

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Kněžour Farm. basket Kněžour Farm

tel.: 732670484

Address: Ostrov 28, Ostrov

At St John's Guesthouse Farm. basket At St John's Guesthouse Farm

tel.: 739074094

Address: Kunvald 137, Kunvald

Blacksmith's Yard. basket Blacksmith's Yard

tel.: 603805707

Address: Brná 28, Potštejn

At the Black Horses Ranch. basket At the Black Horses Ranch

tel.: 604674915

Address: Dolní Dobrouč 187, Dolní Dobrouč

Euridika Stable. basket Euridika Stable

tel.: 775646575

Address: č.p. 136, Rybná nad Zdobnicí

Farm below the Linden Tree. basket Farm below the Linden Tree

tel.: 603372560, 603536408

Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách

Isabel Riding Club. basket Isabel Riding Club

tel.: 604610062, 604522670

Address: Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Lipovka

J+M Čánka Riding Club. basket J+M Čánka Riding Club

tel.: 731106887

Address: č.p. 56, Opočno, Čánka

M & M Stable. basket M & M Stable

tel.: 776106865

Address: Ostrov 15, Ostrov

Oklahoma Ranch. basket Oklahoma Ranch

tel.: 731149303, 737946152

Address: Hrádek

Po;land Equestrian Club. basket Po;land Equestrian Club

tel.: 737109733

Address: Polsko 428, Žamberk

Ranch Libchavy. basket Ranch Libchavy

tel.: 605304833

Address: Horní Libchavy, Libchavy

Sitting Horse Ranch. basket Sitting Horse Ranch

tel.: 777176154, 777176155

Address: Merklovice 1

Wiyrhanea. basket Wiyrhanea

tel.: 604932540, 604161363

Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách

Centrum Slezského Norika. basket Centrum Slezského Norika

tel.: 737114577

Address: Pěčín 162, Pěčín

Ekolife. basket Ekolife

tel.: 604777101, 494593155, 605178896

Address: Orlické Záhoří 8, Orlické Záhoří

Záměl Farm. basket Záměl Farm

tel.: 775393976

Address: Záměl 125

basket Dream Ranch Horní Libchavy

tel.: 735070507, 735050707

Address: Horní Libchavy 74, Libchavy

Karlen Stud Farm. basket Karlen Stud Farm

tel.: 776255078, 776861727

Address: Na Kopci 105, Dlouhá Třebová

basket Orličky Equestrian Club

tel.: 606951602, 602142185

Address: Orličky 104, Orličky

Vaškovic Farm – Podlesí Equestrian Club. basket Vaškovic Farm – Podlesí Equestrian Club

tel.: 603333079

Address: Turov 32, Podlesí

Tourist Riding Hall Adam. basket Tourist Riding Hall Adam

tel.: 731570626, 731455503

Address: Deštné v Orlických horách 424, Deštné v Orlických horách

Lanškroun Secondary School of Agriculture. basket Lanškroun Secondary School of Agriculture

tel.: 465321069

Address: Dolní Třešňovec 17, Lanškroun

basket At the Oak Farm

tel.: 608428282

Address: Líšnice 205

basket Baronka Farm

tel.: 777610116

Address: Záhornice 4, Trnov

basket Devil's Rockery Riding Stable

tel.: 603525917

Address: Zbudov 40, Klášterec nad Orlicí

basket Sloupnice Equestrian Club

tel.: 605584979

Address: Horní Sloupnice 167

basket Lanškrounsko "B" (23 km)  Export data for GPS device in GPX format

Riding circuit marked with a green horseshoe on a white square around the pond and Jakubovice, suitable for advanced riders.

basket Lanškrounsko "C" (25 km)  Export data for GPS device in GPX format

Riding circuit marked with a blue horseshoe on a white square around Albrechtice, suitable for advanced and skilled riders.

basket Lanškrounsko "A" (14.5 km)  Export data for GPS device in GPX format

Riding circuit marked with a red horseshoe on a white square around Horni and Dolni Třešňovce u Lanškrouna, also allows for riding with a team, also suitable for beginners.

Včelný Forest basket Včelný Forest (5.1 km)  Export data for GPS device in GPX format
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