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Wellness amid white of nature and an experience for every day - that's Orlice Mountains and Orlice foothills


zdroj: Petra Smrčková - manager OHP

The Orlice Mountains and their foothills is a real jewel for all who seek serenity, escape from stress and magnificent nature. You can rollick the way young children do, trying out things that you might have never dreamt of before - an instance of this, wintertime natural wellness in form of a short dip in the river Orlice next to the Land's Gate. We are not encouraging you to act insanely, but we all have our own unique way of getting away from the day-to-day monotony.

Rychnov nad Kněžnou: eat out and have fun in style

Rychnov nad Kněžnou is the former district capital in the foothill region of the Orlice Mountains, but, above all, the home town of the writer Karel Poláček and a scene of his best-known novel, There Were Five of Us. Year-round, you can meet the sandstone sculptures representing the novel characters, almost in full life-size. In addition to Karel Poláček, the town was home to “the mother of all Czech cookbooks", Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová, who completed her famous cookbook right here. Perhaps this might be why the Rychnov cuisine is so splendid. You can try out Rychnov beer in local restaurants, brewed in the local brewery, served along with a special dish, why not one of those based on the recipes by Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová. If you are real gourmets and would like to try out special international dishes and enjoy breakfast involving home-made bread based on a recipe from the 18th century, served with a variety of cheese types from a nearby farm Goat&Sheep Vista and a glass of champagne, the lovely family-style hotel Panorama with a lookout platform and a perfectly furnished wellness spa is the right place to have your special dish served. And supposing you've decided to spend some of the winter season in Rychnov, there is a sport facility including squash and tennis courts, an indoor swimming pool, a new DANCE PIVOVAR night club presenting prominent Czech DJ's every week; in the Advent period, you may visit the regional show of Nativity cribs from the Orlice Mountains, with a wide choice of exhibits from museum across East Bohemia, from private collectors and directly from the artists.,,,,,

Orlice Mountains: full of traditions and a breath-taking atmosphere

"When our mountains get their snow cover, it's the real viewing delight. Now where's the right place to start from? You might appreciate a tip for late shoppers for Christmas presents. If you want to present those close to your heart with something really authentic, our home workshops are open for you. Real gems of art can be found there. Just to give an instance, there's a bell-founder studio in Deštné, and their lovely handmade bells are just right for any home. In Rokytnice, a skilful bag maker will use natural skin to produce just anything you might think of. Apart from that, there's Kopeček, home to the Neratov association, a unique project by any measure. They employ handicapped people, making the most beautiful ceramics round here.” These are the few tips offered by Petra Smrčková, the manager of the destination agency for the Orlice Mountains and the foothill region. During a trip to the Orlice Mountains, be sure to stop at the pilgrimage site Neratov (known originally as Bärnwald), which has been an important pilgrimage site since the second half of the 17th century. Reportedly, as many as 4000 pilgrims used to come; so don't forget to make a wish for the new year once you are around here. Even museums have a completely different feel about them this year. In particular, we would like to point a brand new one to you, first open to general public on Saturday 14 December 2013. It is Granary – the Museum of Orlice Mountains in Rokytnice v Orlických horách, providing the visitors with a presentation of the natural splendour of the Orlice Mountains as well as the traditional trades and skills of our ancestors. It is open daily except Mondays.,,,,

Riding just whatever to go downhill

Everyone goes cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding in the Orlice Mountains and their foothill region. Every year, snow enthusiasts gather in vast numbers on local hills, attracted by dozens of kilometres of machine-groomed cross-country trails in the midst of unspoilt nature as well as modern ski resorts. And every year there is something new available. An instance of this, you can get your timing on a new slalom track on the hill Zdobnice. The timer will record your time as you go past the gates on the piste, so everyone can pretend to be a professional alpine skier for a moment. In the southern part of the Orlice Mountains, there is a sport compound in České Petrovice, featuring a brand new ski bar with an indoor furnace, to add to great pistes, so this might be a good tip for the adults to pass time while their kids are taking their lessons in the local perfect ski school. If you are after large winter sport sites with a complete set of auxiliary facilities and a cable car, we can suggest the well-known sites Říčky and Deštné, or SKIRESORT  Buková hora (Beech Mountain), comprising 9 km of alpine tracks, 3 snow parks and a kid park, 2 chair lifts and 6 T-bar lifts, complemented with tonnes of fun. SKIRESORT is a merger of 2 ski resorts, Čenkovice and Červená Voda.

So, what else can be used to go down these hills? What about the ash-wood skis? Every year, a piste in Olešnice v Orlických horách hosts Bohemia's largest race involving the old-styled ash-wood skis (25 January 2014). The contestants, dressed in the traditional attire, take part in two events, slalom and ash-wood cross. Another unusual means of transport consists in horn sleds.  The first horn sled race was held in Orlické Záhoří in 2013, and you may enjoy it this year again (18. January 2014). People will learn how the sled looked like and how it felt to ride them in those times when they were used to take hay to forests for animals and bring fuel wood.,,,,

Have we forgotten anything?

If, by any chance, we've failed to match your desire for experiences, there's still much more on stock. Mushing, or riding dog-drawn sleds, is an utterly unique experience. This experience can be enhanced further if you visit Deštné  in January, as a traditional event is held, Sedivacek Longtrail, a top challenging mushing event across Europe.  Trying another adrenalin-packed thing is worth your effort: just try quads and snowmobiles. This service is available from any major winter resort. For women, yet not exclusively, a whole range of relaxation treatments is available, particularly appreciated a tiring day on the pistes with young children.

  • Massage by a blind masseur
  • Harmony dream
  • Hot bath in an outdoor tub
  • Aroma bath from Kačenka Mountains
  • Steam shower massage box
  • Sauna with outdoor chairs, and more,,

Guest Pass for Orlice Mountains and Foothills

We decided to reward you for arriving to visit this splendid destination. How? It's the Guest Pass, topped up with discounts and bonuses to give additional pleasure to your stay. What you get during your stay is not merely a discount card; if you choose the right sort of accommodation, you may enhance your stay with cost-free services that your accommodation provider enters on your card.  Feel free to visit for the complete information, but we'll tell you the key details right now. Up to 15% discount for skiing, a rich choice of wellness treatments, entries to museums, adrenaline-pumping quad rides and the chance to try new items in the gym such as jumping and fitbox: all of this, plus more, is available to visitors to the Orlice Mountains and their foothill region from their accommodation provider with a considerable discount, or even free of cost.  No accommodation booked? Never mind, just visit one of our partner shops to buy the pass: it comes ready with a valuable present for every fun lover.


For more information:                       

Petra Smrčková, manager, phone 774 125 014,

Orlické hory a Podorlicko, Panská 1492, Rychnov nad Kněžnou                         


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Calendar of top events:

  • Sedivacek longtrail in Deštné v Orlických horách - 21 – 25 January 2014
  • Riding horn sleds in Orlické Záhoří - 18 January 2014
  • Skiinterkriterium race  in Říčky v Orlických horách - 24 – 25 January 2014   
  • Czech Republic 's championship in historical skiing in Olešnice v Orlických horách - 25 January 2014
  • O'Neill Freeski Soldiers  in Deštné v Orlických horách- 27 February  – 1 March 2014
  • Rampusak's farewell to winter - 15 March 2014

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