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“Kyselka” white soup


“Kyselka” (buttermilk potato soup) is a white soup from the collection of recipes of grandmother Hubálková (we can find it in different variations even in other corners of our country). It is a thick white soup, which fills you up well and is served at special occasions or on Sundays as the main course.

To make kyselka you need bones, heads and ribs of a rabbit, kid or lamb, salt, whole pepper, allspice and bay leaf, 0.5 litres of milk, 2 tablespoons of flour, cream to soften, 2 eggs and potatoes boiled in their skins. Put the rinsed bones, head, etc. into cold water, add salt and spices and cook slowly until the meat is tender. Mix the flour in the milk and pour into the broth and simmer. Add salt to taste and cream to soften the soup. When serving add fresh dill, fried potatoes in their skins and dry fried eggs to the soup.



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