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Description of the region

The Region of the Eagle Mountains and foothills is found in the northern part of East Bohemia. A considerable part of this region extends over the territory of the Hradec Králové Region and a smaller part overlaps into the Pardubice Region. The borders of this region are given by the ridge Eagle Mountains, which crosses over the Bystřický Mountains into Poland’s Kladsko basin, and the line of Dobrošov, Dobruška, Opočno, Třebechovice pod Orebem, Choceň, Ústí nad Orlicí, Česká Třebová, Jablonné nad Orlicí and Lichkov. On the southwest the landscape opens up to the Bohemian lowlands with a wide valley formed by the confluence of the rivers Tichá and Divoká Orlice, which join the Morava River on the east.  

The entire region has maintained its original natural character over the centuries, which is why you will find beech primeval forests, protected landscape areas or nature parks and reserves, interwoven with trails, right next to chateaux and town parks and groomed rural gardens. The gentle rolling hills interlaced with hiking trails, a dense network of cycle trails and routes leading along rivers are ideal for families with children, recreational tourists and seniors as well. Those who love excitement and sports will find plenty of adrenaline activities here.

Romantics will find a corner for themselves not only in the higher parts of the mountains and dense forests, but also at meandering rivers winding through valleys, during boat rides on ponds and dams or at old castle ruins. And if you happen to get lost in mountain forests, maybe Princess Kačenka, ruler of the Eagle Mountains, will show you the right way. And in winter, Rampušák will help you out of an avalanche.

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