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Eagle Mountains cycling and inline kingdom

The Region is interwoven with a dense web of cycle trails and routes. Every cyclist, both recreational and trained, is bound to find the perfect trail that meets his/her needs and strength. Even small children can safely ride along the trails leading through the flat terrain of river valleys. Those who prefer more demanding cycling can choose a mountain or long-distance trail. Cycle buses will transport you to the starting points in comfort.

The network of cycle routes is a unique attraction, leading through the stunningly beautiful valley of the Tichá Orlice and Třebovka Rivers, which offer quality asphalt surfaces, minimum vertical rise and guaranteed maintenance. Dozens of kilometres of trails lead from Ústí nad Orlice in all directions. The first trail leads through Letohrad to Žamberk, the second heads in the direction of Česká Třebová and the third through the town of Brandýs nad Orlicí, Choceň all the way to Vysoké Mýto.

The cycle trails lead through towns and villages, around castles and chateaux, along rivers and the Pastvin Dam, to the highest parts of the Eagle Mountains all the way to the chalet on Šerlich and through the most beautiful places of the Protected Landscape Area of the Eagle Mountains and nature reserves of the foothills. The ridge trail leads along the spectacular peak of the Eagle Mountains and provides a grand experience. The seat of your bicycle will become the observation tower from which you can see all the way to East Bohemia and the Kladsko Valley.

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