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In the footsteps of traditions and handicrafts

Wandering through the Region of the Eagle Mountains and foothills can easily become a trip into the history of old handicrafts and the life of our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. In the mountains, the less fertile part of the region, minor handicrafts were developed and farming was more successful in the foothills. In particular, fabrics were woven, and buttons, baskets and pottery were made in the mountain chalets. The prestige of this region was acquired by the production of glass of local glassworks, whose products were owned by almost every wealthy family throughout the entire monarchy. Bobbin lace also became a highly sought after commodity, which was made by women and girls in perhaps every chalet. The gentle lace motifs adorned the dresses, gloves, hats and brollies of ladies and misses.

Štípané hračky z Výprachtic. Hračky. Košíkářství

Eagle Mountains – original product

Products that come from the Region of the Eagle Mountains and foothills are marked by the Orlické hory - originální produkt ® (Eagle Mountains – original product)  brand . Marked products must contribute to the good name of the region, which is why they have to be of high quality and made using traditional technology, by hand or from local raw materials. Tourists who want to purchase a genuine and quality souvenir from the Eagle Mountains are bound to appreciate this.

Products with the Eagle Mountains – original product ® brand:

  • Synov apples
  • Luggage products
  • Bee products
  • Rokytnice baked goods
  • Ceramic products
  • Woven products
  • Basket products  
  • Blue poppy seeds
  • Natural fruit brandies
  • Líšeň bread  
  • Holiday pies
  • Wooden toys  
  • Jewellery from handmade bobbin lace
  • Rychnov beer  
  • Handmade bobbin lace   
  • Bio briquettes
  • Bio vegetables
  • Stained glass and decorations using Tiffany technique
  • Folk costumes and period clothing
  • Fish from the Eagle Mountain foothills
  • Cleaved wooden shingle

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