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Military monuments

One of the most perfect fortification systems in Europe was built on the borderlands of the Eagle Mountains in 1936-38. However, it was never used for its purpose. The massive underground military fortress towers only slightly above the surrounding terrain. It is unobtrusive and yet it conceals tonnes of concrete, kilometres of endless tunnels, huge rooms and storages. On the defence line of this border you will encounter numerous individual concrete cabins, observation points and light objects called “řopíky”. They were witness to the tremendous efforts and determination of their builder but also the huge disappointment of their supporters. Learn about the unfinished story of the concrete border, whose chapters have never been finished.

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Hanička - fortress - military fortifications. basket Hanička - fortress - military fortifications

The Hanička artillery fort is part of the pre-war fortification system built in the 1930’s mainly against the Germans. The fort takes its feminine name from a nearby settlement. The fort was composed of...
tel.: 491616998, 494595393, 736752218

Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách

Vysoký Kámen Museum - Czechoslovak fortification. basket Vysoký Kámen Museum - Czechoslovak fortification

Cezchoslovak fortification buildings from 1936-1938 and their subsequent post-war reactivation. You can see a heavyweight fortification building, the K - S25, furthermore three lightweight fortification...
tel.: 724333769

Address: Těchonín

The artillery stronghold of Bouda. basket The artillery stronghold of Bouda

Building from 1935-1938 is the most preserved building of its kind in the Czech Republic. It comprises of five battle buildings of the highest degree of resistence (walls and ceiling panels are 350 cm...
tel.: 777647114

Address: Těchonín

Nízká - infantry cabin R-S 72. basket Nízká - infantry cabin R-S 72

A double-sided infantry bunker built in Arabic resistance with a porthole for a 9 cm mortar as part of the line of heavy fortifications under the 2nd construction sub-division – Kunvald. The two-floor...
tel.: 606604854

Address: Rokytnice v Orlických horách

Průsek - infantry cabin R-S-87. basket Průsek - infantry cabin R-S-87

A finely preserved structure holding the original plated bell. A mortar porthole for 9 cm shells was mounted on the left side. In the sights was Komáří Hill with a lookout and a nearby road. exposition...
tel.: 605590861, 723265536


Infantry blockhouse N-S 74 “Na Holém”. basket Infantry blockhouse N-S 74 “Na Holém”

During the Munich crisis the blockhouse was fully equipped and armed with anti-tank guns and machine guns. Although the inner part is inaccessible, the blockhouse is worth seeing due to its exceptional...
tel.: 603336525

Address: Bartošovice v Orlických horách

Jaroslav - infantry cabin N-S 47. basket Jaroslav - infantry cabin N-S 47

Two-sided artillery cabin of 3rd degree resistance, built near Skutina fortress. The cabin is a part of the fortification line of the Czechoslovak fortification from 1938. The main loophole was removed...
tel.: 606909028

Address: Sedloňov

Skutina Fortress - military fortification. basket Skutina Fortress - military fortification

The Skutina fortress was designed as six structures over the length of 1,350 metres (two of which were to be infantry bunkers, although only one was ever completed) connected by underground corridors with...
tel.: 603521468

Address: Sedloňov

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Wooden footbridge. basket Wooden footbridge

The wooden footbridge from 1886 leading to the castle park. The bridge has undergone several renovations. It is still in the same place and still connects the upper chateau park Arboretum Žampach, with...
tel.: 465618185

Address: Žampach 1

Alba flume. basket Alba flume

The manmade flume at the mill is one of the oldest water works in East Bohemia. The channel is 17.5 km long and was built in the 15th the century.

Address: Častolovice

Choceň - rock cross-section. basket Choceň - rock cross-section

It was established after the tunnel was created during the electrification of the trail in 1949 – 1953. Today, a reinforced concrete bridge arches over this cross-section.

Address: Choceň

Gold mine - museum. basket Gold mine - museum

A mine situated in Złoté Stok, which was guaranteed prosperity from exploitation and mining gold ever since the 15th century (Germans called it Reichenstein - wealthy rock). The mine was closed in the...
tel.: 748175574

Address: ul. Złota 7, Złoty Stok

Hydroelectric power plant. basket Hydroelectric power plant

The hydroelectric power plant is unique in that it is the first fully automated plant in the former Czechoslovakia. It has been in operation since 1932. In 2007, the power plant underwent its last major...

Address: Litice nad Orlicí, Záchlumí

Ivan Lake - water reservoir. basket Ivan Lake - water reservoir

The impounding solid quarry stone dam built in 1905 - 1910 serves for recreational purposes and as a protection against floods.

Address: Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Ledská - water mill. basket Ledská - water mill

Baroque water mill with a half-timbered loft and shingled roof. It is encircled by a large yard lined with farm buildings.

Address: č.p. 56, Hřibiny-Ledská

Museum of Mining in Nowa Rudzia. basket Museum of Mining in Nowa Rudzia

One of the oldest mines in Poland with history dating back to the 15th century. All of them have been closed since 1989, later a museum of mining was founded here. Museum building - exhibition of mining...
tel.: 748727911

Address: ul. Obozowa 4, Nowa Ruda

Old imperial road. basket Old imperial road

The only preserved section of an 18th century road, which connects Vamberk with Rybna nad Zdobnice.

Address: Rybná nad Zdobnicí

Opočno - sheet pile path. basket Opočno - sheet pile path

Preserved sheet pile path carved into the cliff and lined with a number of historical building structures of Baroque origin, which together with the stone supporting walls, characterizes the original method...

Address: Podkostelí, Opočno

Pastviny I. - water works. basket Pastviny I. - water works

Originally pumped storage water plant, the dam was built in 1933 - 1938 and is now used only at peak times. The solid brick dam is 43 m long and 192.7 m long in the crest.


Peklo - covered bridge. basket Peklo - covered bridge

This roofed road bridge on truss girders with hip roof covered in shingle is 17 m long and 5 m wide. The bridge was built in 1840 and reconstructed in 1982.

Address: Vamberk, Peklo

Písečná - water mill. basket Písečná - water mill

A grinding room is supplemented with exhibits that show the life style of a village house, show agricultural tools and mill industry of the past. The gathered objects come entirely from Pisecna.
tel.: 737648926

Address: Mlýn, čp. 35, Písečná u Žamberka

Poldr Žichlínek. basket Poldr Žichlínek

Dam along the river Moravska Sázava in the community Žichlínek. The area total 186 hectares and the retention volume is 5.9 million m3. The total length of the dam is 1574 m at a maximum height of 7.6m...

Address: Žichlínek

Smuggler's footbridge. basket Smuggler's footbridge

The footbridge was originally built for bringing down wood from the manor forests; however, at night it was used for smuggling various goods.


Sopotnice - bread oven. basket Sopotnice - bread oven

A fully functional replica of a so-called dundeen - a wood-heated Gothic bread oven. It is built from 3000 fired bricks. You can bake up to 40 loaves of bread at once inside the oven.
tel.: 465584128

Address: Sopotnice

Verměřovice - stone bridge. basket Verměřovice - stone bridge

The stone bridge from the 2nd half of the 19th century is built from sandstone blocks from the quarry in Klášterec nad Orlicí. The bridge is 29 m long and 4 m wide, it spans across the Ticha Orlice River...

Address: Verměřovice

Pastviny - bridge. basket Pastviny - bridge

Address: Pastviny

basket Aquaduct in Třebařov

The aqueduct is made of sandstone blocks and is one of the last 6 such buildings that are still functional.


basket Keprt's Mill

Mill, sawmill, engine room, boiler room and chimney.

Address: Kunvald

basket Krasíkov tunnel

The oldest preserved double-track railway tunnel in the Czech Republic. The tunnel is 145.8 metres long and served until 2004.


basket Rychtářský Forest retention reservoir

Flood pool for retaining rainwater and its ensuing controlled drainage in harmless amounts.

Address: Albrechtice

basket Signal towerat the guard's house

Technical monument from the time of the construction of the Olomouv - Prague railway.

Address: Orlické Podhůří

basket Vamberk - stone bridge

The stone bridge over Zdobnice dates from 1864-1865. It has three arches and statues of Czech saints St. Ludmila, St. John of Nepomuk, St. Prokop, St. Methodius, St. Wenceslas and St. Vojtech. The author...

Address: Vamberk

basket (Třebovský mlýn)

tel.: 723852898

Address: Na Rybníku 57, Dlouhá Třebová

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