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Friendly and gentle nature, while also very diversified, a landscape of mountain hillsides with distant views and wide river valleys, a landscape of well-kept villages and clean cities – all of that characterizes the Eagle Mountain region and its foothills.

The long mountain ridge gradually rises from the lowlands with very few steep gills or rocky peaks. The landscape here is friendly for families with children as well as seniors. The foothills are ideal for rest, relaxation and easy hiking with its chateau and nature parks, with trails around ponds and along rivers. For those looking for more physically demanding trails and terrains almost untouched by civilization are bound to enjoy crossing the Eagle Mountain ridges and neighbouring Polish Bystřický Mountains. To protect the remarkable preserved landscape of the region formed by the ridge of the Eagle Mountains, it was declared a protected landscape area and many other smaller scale protected nature areas – parks, reserves and monuments. The Orlice Nature Park protects the surroundings of the rivers Tichá and Divoká Orlice with an abundance of old river branches surrounded by wetlands, meadows and remains of floodplain forests. You can discover the beauty of untouched nature on one of the many nature trails found in the region. They will lead you through the bird territories, primeval forests, romantic river valleys, along the ridge of the Eagle Mountains, around ponds and streams. They will teach you how to identify local flora and fauna or even geological treasures. You will find one of the most important nature reserves in the Czech Republic on the mountain ridge itself – the Bukačka. It is called the botanical garden of the Eagle Mountains for its variety of species.

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