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Pastviny dam

The Pastviny Dam is located east of Žamberk, in the valley of the Divoká Orlice River. Rocky cliffs covered with forests tower above the water, which together with grassy beaches create the romantic scenery of the region. Recreation at Pastvin is definitely a good tip for a family summer holiday by the water with numerous possibilities for trips. The surroundings of the Pastviny Dam offer suitable terrains for hiking, cycling, cultural pleasure and a variety of accommodation facilities to choose from. In summer, water lovers enjoy the dam by swimming, water skiing, diving and fishing.


The actual dam itself was built 1933–1938 and was originally supposed to work like a pumped storage power plant. 74 buildings (residential homes, stores, school etc.) had to be torn down in the flooded area. The dam with the hydro power plant is 43 m tall and 193 m long. The dam provides a beautiful view of the distribution reservoir Nekoř and the dam’s water surface. The road from Vamberk – Králíky leads over the dam.

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