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Mountains, deep forest, lakes and forest streams have been riddled with myths and legends since time immemorial. Shroud medieval castles, chateaux, churches, old mills and dark corners are shrouded in mysterious stories. You can find trails in the footsteps of real or mystical beings at Ledříčkovy rocks, the Smugglers footbridge or the old church. A white lady haunted chateaux. A dragon is hidden in chateaux grottoes and even the waterman occasionally stays in fountains.

The fairytales of the Eagle Mountains are guarded by Princess Kačenka and the god spirit of the mountains Rampušák. They do not let any evil powers, anger or malice into their fairytale kingdom. They look after Kačenka’s Fairytale Kingdom for visitors of all ages. When wandering through the fairytale kingdom you can meet Princess Kačenka and her helpers, who are fairytale patrons of her kingdom’s communities.  

Once a year, in September, Kačenka meets with the visitors to the mountains, accompanies by her patrons so that she can say goodbye to summer and hand over winter rule of the mountains to Rampušák and she takes over again in March.

You will read about the smugglers, watermen and elves in the local forests and mountains in fairytale books from the Eagle Mountains.

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